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My name is Christopher Wiese from Kokomo Indiana, before 2017 I was your average guy working a career and caring for a family but everyday some part of me was in pain. My back hurt, wrists hurt, feet hurt, knees and hip hurt and I happen to be old enough to admit im getting older. I was convinced that as you get older you just hurt, you gain weight, you take medication, you slow down and do less. I now challenge this paradigm with passion because I was able to fix myself over time.

As a child and young adult I watched my parents, elders and friends go through a system that didn't look deep enough into the problem. One medication on top of other medications covering symptoms and creating new ones instead of solving the cause of the issue. I watched the people I love get sicker and sicker even after the medications and multiple surgeries. Then, I seen my dad finally buck the system. He told the doctor he was done with all the meds and FIRED his doctor. Dad stopped taking his meds and slowly got sick for a few months from the withdrawals and effects. Now I would NOT suggest to simply stop taking your meds to anybody because there are some medications you should be weaned off of slowly after consulting your medical professional. however, I find it hard to believe that my dad felt so miserable that we would risk dropping his meds cold turkey. To say to himself "I either die now or get better." he did get better. After recovering some he went to see a homeopathic doctor that helped guide him with nutrition, supplements and alternative methods as I watched my dad get better and his symptoms dissipated over time. He showed me there is a different way to heal.

I am 50 years old now and pain free, moving like a much younger man. This method works!! The doctors wanted to numb my pain away, the surgeons wanted to do surgery, the physical therapist wanted to repeat the same isolated exercises that didn't work the first time. I am done with it, with pharmaceuticals and the traditional training and treatments. Don't get me wrong, medications have their place and do miraculous things however, they are just misused a lot at the moment to just hide symptoms. I will no longer seek general health concerns with a formally trained medical doctor that has spent about 4 credit hours on nutrition and not a deep enough understanding of human physiology.

Since I opted out of the traditional medical and training practices the only thing that I continued to use because it worked was seeing a GOOD chiropractor and Massage Therapist but, even with them alone the pains would creep back into my life over time. Going back again and again for the same pains. I finally found a long lasting resolution?

BIOMECHANICS! I've discovered it! While not groundbreaking, it's a relatively obscure approach that links recurring poor movement and postural patterns to injuries and chronic conditions, guiding us in training the body to adopt optimal positions for standing and moving. That's why I prioritize posture and walking gait in my assessments. Returning to my story, once I addressed my posture and basic movement sequences through functional biomechanics training, my longstanding pains began to fade away, even those I had endured for decades. Achieving results that I was told couldnt be done requires time and dedication to the work.

Through this journey, I've come to understand the importance of training the body as a whole rather than isolating individual muscles. Functional biomechanics teaches us that coordinated movement involving multiple muscles in sequence generates far more power than focusing on a single muscle at maximum force. The emphasis is on training in movement. Mastering proper movement translates to a better quality of life. Train for life, not the gym


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