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Here you will find my accreditation and influences that have helped me develop my approach to healing the body.

Personal Trainer

The ACE Personal Trainer Study Program provides the most current, highest quality education available. I learned the latest evidence-based exercise science fundamentals, principles of behavior change and client-centered methodologies you can apply.

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Functional Fitness

Movement drives health, but not all movement is created equal. Inefficient movement can put negative stress on the body. For some, that stress can lead to pain and a diminished desire to exercise. As an ACE Functional Training Specialist

I will provide you with a deeper understanding of how to train the body to move correctly. Whether it's improving core function to give you an edge in athletic competition or boosting balance to help you play with your grandchildren without pain, functional training can help all adults improve discomfort and movement efficiency.


Human Foundations

When it comes to the concept of fitness, there's hundreds of definitions for what is functional and what's not. With FP I learned to take a First Principle’s approach. As humans we are designed to Stand, Walk, Run and Throw. By breaking these Big Four down to its most fundamental components, We see the efficiency of the predictable patterns that lead to the body healing itself. We just need to provide the environment with specially designed corrective exercises and behavioral changes.

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Corrective Exercise Specialist

The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist course teaches a comprehensive, step-by-step approach with distinct modules of regression for those that are not ready for dynamic movement yet. These exercises are easier to approach and execute building the confidence to move forward without nagging pains. This method will prepare you to move on to the functional exercise programs I offer.


Anatomy Trains

Here I learned how the body is interconnected and more Intelligent than I ever thought.

The Anatomy Trains lays out fascial and myofascial ‘anatomy of connection’ throughout the body, giving you the ability to map the pattern and shape the change.

The 12 ‘myofascial meridians’ in the Anatomy Trains system join the individual muscles you learned into functional complexes within the fascial fabric – each with a defined anatomy and ‘meaning’ in human posture and movement.

Anatomy Trains leads to practical new holistic strategies to improve stability, coordination, and resolve long-standing compensations in postural and movement patterns – whether you are a manual therapist, movement professional, or using self-myofascial release (SMR).


The importance of thought and action

Renowned professor and former U.S. Senator S. I. Hayakawa discusses the role of language in human life, the many functions of language, and how language—sometimes without our knowing—shapes our thinking in this engaging and highly respected book. Provocative and erudite, it examines the relationship between language and racial and religious prejudice; the nature and dangers of advertising from a linguistic point of view; and, in an additional chapter called “The Empty Eye,” the content, form, and hidden message of television, from situation comedies to news coverage to political advertising.


Cognitive Behavior

The Cognitive Rampage is a scientific approach to self discovery, change and life optimization. This book fuses the latest research from the cognitive, behavioral, social and biological sciences into a life application process. If you are living with depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, any other mental health issue OR if you simply enjoy deep self exploration, personal and lifestyle development this book is for you. You will customize the provided scientific framework with your dissected personal beliefs to more quickly create growth and sustain your change. You will use Your Cognitive Rampage approach throughout your entire life.



This book really brought my attention to my physiology as it relates to nutrition. It is a Keto diet book however, I wasn't interested in being in ketosis all the time but it sparked the nerd in me to dive deeper into nutrition.


The Bulletproof Diet will change what you think you know about weight loss and wellness. You will skip breakfast, stop counting calories, eat a high-fat diet, work out and sleep less, and handle stress with ease. By ditching traditional "diet" thinking, Asprey has maintained a 100-pound weight loss, increased his IQ, and reached a level of health that seemed unattainable. His 40s are truly better than his 20s, and The Bulletproof Diet brings his best hacks to the masses.


How To Learn

This book changed my approach to learning, researching information and avoiding the pitfalls.

The TRIVIUM consists of the three liberal arts pertaining to language. Grammar, logic, and rhetoric have been studied for over two thousand years as a way of refining both a speaker and their speech. With extra sections on euphonics, poetic meter and form, ethics, and proverbs, this unique compendium contains a wealth of rare information. If you've ever wanted to know more about the power of ‘P', the hypnotic quality of anapestic tetrameter, or how to change the mood of a verb, then look no further. If you've ever needed to spot a red herring, wield a zeugma, or improve your ethos, then this is the book for you.

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