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$25 with written report

The analysis of confidential photos of multiple views are reviewed, after the core compensations are identified, the written report and the general approach are discussed to improve the static posture.

It is recommended to not wear any black clothing for the session and have the feet, knees, midriff, spine and shoulders as comfortably visible as possible for a more accurate body reading.


I recommend shorts above the knees, sport top for women and no shirt for men. Black clothing makes it hard to read the photographs.




Confidential slow motion video of the walking and running gait cycle is recorded from a treadmill and extensively reviewed. The video will include commentary and graphical highlights indicating the unique compensatory items to be improved upon, such as, balance, foot strike, pull through, foot recovery, knee tracking, hip stabilizing, stance, thoracic rotation, push off and other methods to aid your efficiency are discussed.

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