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A New Step

Have you ever been a part of a step program before? There is a new step we can take….And that is doing GRATITUDE Amends.

Gratitude amends are the opposite of "right your wrongs" list. ‘What does that mean?’ You might be asking.

My suggestion would be first to take some time to journal a list of every single soul who you believe has done something positive or of significant benefit for you. This would also include the people who have supported you, and been there for you, and the folks you could absolutely count on over the years. Leave two lines in between each one. After you’ve made your list, make a few notes of the specific things you want to praise them for and/or the exact good deeds they did for your benefit that need to be recognized. Then reach out to those people. Pick up the phone and tell them, write them a letter and send it in the mail, schedule a coffee date and tell them in person.

You will be amazed by the beautiful energy shift. Gratitude is a powerful thing. Keep me posted how you do. I’d love to hear about your journey with Gratitude amends.


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