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Who's in control?

Your mental state is a part of health and can help you learn to control your stress response and examine behaviors. Here is a exercise.


Please take the time to re-read each of these questions and pause, to regard each recollection. Be in the place and the experience for an extended moment.

Can you recall the most joyous moment in your life? ...How do you feel?

Can you recall the scariest moment in your life? ...How do you feel?

Can you recall the saddest moment in your life? ...How do you feel?

Can you recall the most hateful moment in your life? ...How do you feel?

Can you recall the most euphoric moment in your life? ...How do you feel?

Can you recall the most peaceful moment in your life? ...How do you feel?

You just took yourself through a spectrum of emotions, feelings and environments and did not leave your seat or hold a particular pose or breath any particular way.

You just traveled different states, your emotions and a gamut of feelings in just minutes.

You are in control.

Do you believe any emotion or state of mind is wrong and needs to be eliminated? Or one is more right and needs to be felt all the time? Or are they just a part of our experience and journey that is full of peaks and troughs as we should travel through them all. I believe we must travel them all

I have felt seemingly stuck in depression, anxiety, fear, anger, and love. It is OK to feel these states as long as you don't dwell there for too long. It is a part of the spectrum of life and to have a balanced EQ(emotional quotient) you should experience all these with acceptance and fluidity. It is nothing to be ashamed of, hide or be afraid to experience or share.

We all feel fury, depressed, afraid, joyous, thankful, and ecstasy at moments. We can all pass through them to recall the lessons and feelings when needed. There is going to be a moment when you need fury to fight, fear to guard, sadness to cry and joy to love.

You can control that state of mind as you have already demonstrated. What happens when you get stuck? How do you get out? Temporarily or permanently change your state of mind, your environment or your crowd. Question the root of your reaction, express your control, ride out the storm, change and adapt.

You are not broken! These feelings and emotions are normal human experiences. We all have them and pass through them. Take your time but accept and process the experience. Honor your feelings. Practice patients and reflect often.

Here is another exercise:

Find a body of water real or imagined and watch the waves as they flow past or crash on the bank. Some days they are restful, others they are stirred or maybe even chaotic but still just a wave with a peak and trough with spectrum's of dark and light, loud and quiet, cold and warm. Always in transition. Be the wave. sometimes stirred, sometimes chaotic and sometimes quiet. Storms come and go. Let them pass.

Enjoy the spectrum's of life for what they are and enjoy your life because you are able.

If the storm is strong, it is OK to seek harbor. Professional therapists can and do help, I know from experience. Seek one out if needed. All I asked of my therapist was to not prescribe me anything. These things come on through process, they can be taken apart through process. A good therapist will accept these conditions.

You are in control of your emotional state.

Move back into life.


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