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What are you waiting for? Make your next few clicks make the difference.

Are you living with chronic discomfort? Are you numbing the discomfort with pain medicine?

Pain is the signal to the brain that lets you know damage is happening.

Dealing with the pain or numbing it will not stop the damage.

Are you laying in wait for the next big injury, Surgery or BOTH?

The cause of the pain can often be attributed to a poor relaxed posture (back, hips, shoulders, knees and feet) and a poor walking or running gait cycle. We can fix your posture to relieve the compression of the nerves, blood supply and organs that leads to inflammation. We can address your gait cycle and give the body the strength and balance to stabilize your joints minimizing wear and tear which is often called degenerative disease.

We can stop the damage and allow the body to start healing itself as it has a tendency toward doing.

Relieve stress both physical and emotional due to the relaxing of the sympathetic nervous system. Improve your energy level due to opening the ribs so you can breath. Hydrate your tissue by moving in a more efficient balanced body using the muscles correctly as kinetic chains. Better balance due to the new connection to the ground through the body and stimulating your vestibular system. Become more self aware of your position in space as you take notice to the small tensions and balance.

Message me, email me or call to schedule an assessment and discuss our options to get you back into life


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