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“Sit up straight”. I’m sure we have all heard that before from mom or grandma.

What makes that such good advice?

What is contained in the vertebrae of you spine? your nervous system. Full of the neuroelectric pathways to all the organs, muscles and functions of the body. (There is bio-chemical communications as well)

Take into consideration that not all nerves are solely pain nerves. Some are also communications nerves that transport information about your body to the endocrine system, your organs, muscles and brain.

A communication interstate if you will. Like any lane of traffic, a relatively straight uninterrupted path will run the smoothest. Like the communication in the nerves through the body in a healthy spine without impingement and inflammation. All runs smoothly as possible given the environment.

Now if there is an accident on this metaphoric interstate (injury or misalignment) then traffic is slowed, redirected or jammed up.

Most of us have felt that discomfort or pain of a impinged nerve (accident on the interstate) . That one is pretty clear. The pain impairs your range of motion or prevents you from moving correctly. So we will compensate with other muscles or patterns of movement to avoid the pain if possible(redirecting traffic). We all know that detours can often lead to more pain and stress.

Now consider a communication nerve, that isn't painful, that has a accident on that interstate. Now it is possible that an organ or muscle isn't receiving a signal to perform a function. The valve in the stomach not closing all the way allowing digestive reflux. Weakened muscles not working to their full potential. Low oxygen capacity levels due to a compressed rib cage from rounded kyphotic shoulders. There is our circulatory system that can become hindered from impingements also. There are so many reasons to keep a healthy spine.

How do you get and keep a healthy spine and body?

We will need to release some tensions in the musculature that is holding these compensation in the skeletal structure and re-tension other laxed or dormant musculature to help support the tensegrity structure that is your body.

An ideal posture with the correct muscular activation, structural alignments and core stability is the foundation for unhindered human movement and vitality.

Our bodies have developed in a way to resist gravity through mainly horizontal movement. Our joints are all protected by cartilage to resist vertical compression and keep the joint stable and lubricated for smooth operation. Unfortunately we have become too sedentary giving into gravity as we round over ourselves or just load ourselves with far too much weighted vertical compression. Exactly what the body intends to resist.

Posture is an item that has been overlooked or addressed improperly for ages. It is time to focus on our foundation correctly to bring back our tensegrity and vitality.

For an organized structural evaluation call 765-863-2755

Consider, this is not an instant fix(or maybe it could be) or magic pill to hide the discomfort. This is a structured process that requires your effort and dedication to bring your body back online to the required degree of function that will result in alleviating discomfort to the point of nonexistence.


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