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  1. Unhurried movement - Slow way down and get fast results. Your attention is paramount here. This reconnects the mind and body.

  2. Conscious Movement - Give close attention to what you feel as you move. Is the whole body involved. Whats part(s) are not firing or restricted?

  3. Intention - What did you discover with the first two rules? Your actions should involve the areas that need work with the intention of freeing up the inhibition from a particular movement.

  4. Know your goals - Access, What do you need? Be flexible with your goals. Understand and embrace the unexpected side-steps, mis-steps or detours that provide a deeper understanding of what is needed to progress.

  5. Patterns - Recognize Multi layered patterns create 3d movements. The deeper you understand these patterns and are able to practice the layers all at once the deeper you grow your self awareness.

  6. Deep learning - expect to learn something new every session. As you challenge your body and mind the brain will adapt and create new or reinforced neural paths. Essentially providing you more computing powers to understand yourself and the world around you.

  7. Variation - Add variation to your practice. You have a whole body to address and all your movement patterns. Play around, have some fun with your movement. Try new things as you heal. MOVE back into life.

As a Certified Personal Trainer, that specializes in Bio-Mechanics and corrective exercise, I have seen some amazing results, both physical and cognitive with the clients that are willing to regress and rebuild from the foundation up.

Is your body truly that frail? One wrong move and BANG...INJURY. i know it is not if you are efficient. YES, I said it. "You move wrong". The body is designed to move with efficiency and longevity IF you move well.

Lets address the posture , positions and transitions. Reprogram your movement patterns to be more efficient, powerful and resilient.


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