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Just some thoughts

Just watched a podcast from Dr. Bergman. Here are some chunky notes and self discussion. Adaption Physical, emotional and chemical stress will cause long term adaptations that may manifest a dis-ease. Do you take pharmaceuticals to maintenance a condition? Show me a wild animal with a natural environment that has to use chemicals to regulate its own physiology. We have become the sickest mammals on the planet. Cancer, diabetes, autoimmune and heart disease. What brought this on? Do you think it is hardwork, organic eating, living with the cycle of nature or do you think it is a pharmaceutical driven health care system that doesn't work and a chemical dependent agricultural. Using chemical to manage crops or lower certain human hormones or blocking receptors in isolation. Although the body uses the same hormones, vitamins, minerals, receptors or ion channels to manage a plethora of other processes all over the body. Blocking one could affect any of the billion other processes that involve that item from cell growth and maintenance, transport of nutrients or assimilation/elimination. Now I will say, with some medical conditions, the damage has been done and should be managed with proper medicine and guidance. However, I must ask if the condition could have been avoided if the adaptation that caused the dis-esae was not stimulated? Beit from pharmaceuticals taken, chemical compounds in our foods that trigger or block certain natural processes in the human body or stimulation from your local environment. Do you think the body may adapt to certain stimuli no matter how minute if it persists long enough?(how big is a cell) Every physical piece of you is made out of cells. What about your physiology? What is a normal blood pressure? Is your blood pressure always at the same level through out a day? Stimuli. A stimulus that is persistent will be adapted to or adapted to avoid. What stimulus do you allow or provide for yourself? Physical, emotional or chemical stressors? Something to think about considering our species has survived millions of years with out manipulation of our self healing and self regulating physiology. Many graphs for current mainstream diseases show an almost exponential growth following the industrial age, introduction of GMOed food stuffs and certain agricultural chemicals. I'm not talking about simple cross breeding of plants. I'm talking about taking the genetic material of a bacteria or mold and splicing it into the food we eat so it can resist a certain pest. The body has adapted to intake certain foods and nutrients. What happens when the body doesn't recognize the food or nutrient? Will it resist, adapt to avoid or adapt to accept a foreign molecule. How will it break down the new compound or genetic material if the stimulant persists? Will it be in favor of health or lead to a dis-ease to inform your brain that the body doesn't like the stimulus? Pay attention to what you pay attention to. It could provide you a longer health span.


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